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Museum "Zum Pulvermacher"

Welcome to the museum of the gunpowder manufacturers of Elsbethen!

Dear visitor,
Welcome to our homepage. Here you will receive all the information you need to plan your visit at our museum.

First of all, what is our museum about?

Our museum displays the history of the region of Elsbethen on three floors. The core themes are: natural history, settlement history, craftsmanship, farming and, of course, the manufacturing of gunpowder.

Museum Zum Pulvermacher Elsbethen Glasenbach

Why should you visit our museum?

Our museum offers an extensive collection of fossils, for example ammonites, belemnites, nautiluses and mussels. Moreover, it is home to a fully functional traditional baking oven, which is very rare these days. What is more, the exhibition of craftsmanship in Elsbethen on the first floor is truly beautifully realized. In fact, the first floor of the museum will take you back in time – to the second half of the 20th century. You will walk along the village road where you can visit various craftsmen, craftswomen and other shops, for example the shoemaker, watchmaker, ceramist, seamstress, bookbinder and the village shop. The high attention to detail allows you to explore how these craftsmen and craftswomen worked and of which texture the material they used was. In the room of the gunpowder manufacturers, you will learn everything about the production of gunpowder and about the history of the building itself.

If you like tools and are interested in farming, the exhibition rooms in the wooden attic will mesmerize you. It offers exhibits of themes such as the harvest cycle, beekeeping, dairy farming and countless tools.  Another true gem awaits you outside of the museum: the model of the gunpowder mill. The water powered wooden model has been built with high attention to detail and, therefore, offers much to observe.
To sum up, our museum not only offers a variety of themes and exhibits but also offers an experience that will be remembered by people of all ages!

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How can you find and contact us?

Opening hours:
April – October: Wednesday and Sunday from 10:00-12 a.m. and 02:00-5:00 p.m. or on appointment.

3€ for adults

Museum „Zum Pulvermacher“
Johann-Herbst-Straße 35
5061 Elsbethen-Glasenbach